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  1. Can I accept discounted product from client?


    I am doing some work for a travel agency who have offered who have offered me a discount on a holiday. If I book a holiday through them I would pay full price, but then later they would...
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    Supply date confussion

    As a typical IT contractor working through a Ltd company, issuing invoices per calender month, and on the flat rate VAT scheme...

    I understand it is a legal requirement to include both the Invoice...
  3. No thank you. I'm not up for abusing my limited...

    No thank you. I'm not up for abusing my limited company.

    I'm trying to understand what I am supposed to do in this situation. Not interested in getting involved in any scams.
  4. Can I expense only a mobile phone handset

    I am considering buying a new mobile phone handset through my limited company. I already have sim-only contract in my personal name, so the limited company would only pay a one-off purchase of the...
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