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  1. Thank you both for such quick responses!

    Thank you both for such quick responses!
  2. Buying IT services/outsorcing - is it tax exempt?


    I am considering buying IT services/outsourcing from a EU company for my UK registered LTD. This would be some assistance in programming for my company in what I am doing.
    How does that...
  3. Insurance/protection from public liabilities for non-uk based self employed?


    I am considering an option where I move from UK to a EU country, live there and set myself up as a self-employed and hence get the contry's tax residency status. I then want to work...
  4. Oursourcing training and admin to an EU foreign country business


    I want to hire/outsource to a foreign self employed person with their business registered in a EU country and the person doing the work from their country. I want the person to help my LTD...
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    My rate would be the same. What would be the deal...

    My rate would be the same. What would be the deal between agent and the company I do not know. I was approached by an agent and I from there on they got me the match. What is discussed though is...
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    Work directly or through an agency?

    Hi all,

    If you had choice to work directly with a customer or via an agency, which option would you go for? Assume the rate is the same. I feel working directly makes communication easier as there...
  7. Thanks for the responses. I dont work...

    Thanks for the responses.

    I dont work directly, there is an agency between me and the company i provide my services to.
  8. How to assure client has funding for contract extension?


    I am on a rolling 3mth contract that has been extended 3 times already. All is going well, client is really happy with what i do and they declare the will to continue the cooperation....
  9. Job offers daily rate advertised - gross or net?


    When job offers are listed for contractors they also include a daily rate. From your experience does that daily rate include or exclude VAT?

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