Anyone done much with NodeJS and open APIs (github, google docs, etc)? Anyone done much with NodeJS and open APIs (github, google docs, etc)?
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    Default Anyone done much with NodeJS and open APIs (github, google docs, etc)?

    I want to knock up some little tools and I found a service to host NodeJS scripts for me ( which suits me better than setting up a server specially.
    I've done some web-dev back in the day but hated it... however JS as a language was OK. I normally develop in C++, C#. Is there anything particularly complicated or to be scared about here or is it just a case of reading the API docs and maybe buying a book on NodeJS? It seems like a useful string to add to my bow as a predominantly server-based developer anyway so might be worth investing a bit of time?
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    I'm a massive fan of NodeJS because its very easy to get up and running with, and it has an incredibly rich open-source ecosystem compared to C# and C++ (which I also develop with). It is also doesn't care whether you are using Mac/Windows/Linux.

    My advice would be to dive right in and start publishing your own little packages to npm. VSCode is the best editor to use as it has integration which provides intellisense for the built in Node APIs and other npm packages.

    You have a choice of using plain JavaScript or TypeScript. TypeScript is awesome but you may find it easier to start with plain JavaScript and then move to TypeScript as your projects get bigger and you get more comfortable with the tools. JavaScript has probably improved a fair bit since you last used it, so maybe read up on some of the new features/syntax.

    If you want to integrate with a range of APIs I have heard really good things about OneGraph Even if you don't use it, imitating the same approach of creating a GraphQL API which provides a single access point to different services should be an interesting project. I also expect there soon to be increased demand for server developers who have created GraphQL APIs.


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