Anyone know anything about Drones? Anyone know anything about Drones?
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    Default Anyone know anything about Drones?

    Him indoors wanted one. We'd agreed to start with a cheap one (goes against all my instincts) to see if he got on with it/ever used it.

    So I got him one that seemed ok for Christmas. Was circa £80 but reasonably good previews for the price point. DEcent range - I couldnt see the point of 80m ranges for example.

    ProFlight Wraith Action Cam Drone PFBD104 | Drones Direct

    Anyway it was a disaster. Bloody thing is virtually uncontrollable. The first time you fly it you have to try to remove the shear in a set up mode by using the joysticks.

    The problem is, even in beginner mode, the bloody thing takes off and crashes before you even get a chance to move the joystick at all.

    Its been sitting collecting dust - dont blame him. I've also had to live with repeated digs about getting him a PoS when I get the best of everything. Point taken.

    He's got a milestone birthday coming up and I'm thinking of getting this:

    Buy DJI Mavic Air Fly More Drone Combo - Onyx Black | Drones | Argos

    other than DJI get really good reviews I know nothing about drones. I'm just hoping its easier to fly.

    Does anyone know if it is?

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    I know nothing about drones, but when want to try a new tech I tend to buy from Amazon. Can't beat no-fault returns within 30 days, just because you didn't like the product.

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    scootie's a bit of a drone.

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    Watching drone footage on YouTube channels they look incredible so I got a cheap one and couldn't get it to do anything apart from zoom around.

    Tricky because it seems to get one that can hover and not need an expert pilot, you have to spend a lot - but getting a cheap one is going to put you off.

    Is it the Mavik one all the 'Tubers use?
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