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    Quote Originally Posted by sal View Post
    I don't know how it is today, back when I used them I had to sign a 12m contract. About 6 months into it I had to move, Hyperoptic allowed me to break out of the contract early not having to pay any penalties (let me off the hook) on account that they couldn't offer their service in my new home.

    This one has special offer for 24m contract - £14/m £75 upfront for 50GB, which is a steal for mobile BB
    Looks like they have changed the device from the M1 to the M2 which is a 5G router, bargain of a deal
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    Quote Originally Posted by man View Post
    I was wondering if anyone could suggest any ISPs offering a good deal on fibre to the cabinet (or faster) short term (e.g. 6 month) broadband contracts (and/or a longer contract with good cancellation terms rather than a massive fee) . Last time I looked the only reasonable deal around was for 12months+.

    Reason I'm interested is that my current gig may not last long due to the imminent IR35 changes and I'm expecting to need to move - and there's no guarantee I'll need or want to move the broadband with me.

    I did it a few years ago.
    You'll need a BT line with a minimum commitment of a year. No way round that I'm afraid.
    The get an ISP with a monthly cancellation. Zen internet do one. Fast Broadband Deals | Zen Internet
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