Short term 'fibre' broadband? Short term 'fibre' broadband?
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    Question Short term 'fibre' broadband?

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest any ISPs offering a good deal on fibre to the cabinet (or faster) short term (e.g. 6 month) broadband contracts (and/or a longer contract with good cancellation terms rather than a massive fee) . Last time I looked the only reasonable deal around was for 12months+.

    Reason I'm interested is that my current gig may not last long due to the imminent IR35 changes and I'm expecting to need to move - and there's no guarantee I'll need or want to move the broadband with me.

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    I'm not entirely sure such a thing exists. You may have to look at a 3G/4G dongle, depending on what it is you're doing that requires you to have such high bandwidth.

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    A ploy I stumbled across, which may or may not still be possible or consistent across providers, is if moving and your current provider can't provide a similar service at the new address they have to offer you a free cancellation of any outstanding contract.

    So go with a local provider that doesn't offer a comprehensive service elsewhere.

    The simplest solution has already been suggested, use a 3g/4g/5g (BT apparently rolling this out now in twenty odd cities) dongle then you can do PAYG or take it with you without hassle providing there's a decent signal.

    Most providers seem to be offering longer contract minimum terms rather than shorter, though there probably will be shorter options but at increased cost, so you may not save that much if you do keep the service than paying a cancellation fee if you need to cut a cheaper service short. Check out what is on offer via SamKnows or other broadband availability checkers and do some maths for each possible scenario.
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