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    Recall only works for internal email on a 365 server as the sending and receiving servers are essentially the same. Once any email has left the building as it were it is not retrievable

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    Quote Originally Posted by vwdan View Post
    I once wrote a pretty scathing e-mail about a tricky customer of mine (I was an account manager at the time) to send to senior management. Of course, I then instinctively put the customers name in the To box.

    The Gods of good fortune were just about on my side, as I realised as soon as I pressed the mouse button down. It was like being stood on a mine, as I yelled for my mate to come over and pull out the network cable!
    Damn how our brains work,,,. I remember something similar back in the good days of IT support where one of the guys in the team had done similar but to one of the resourcing directors. Cue him knocking his chair over and sprinting out the office to run up three flights of stairs, make up some BS excuse about an incoming virus so he could intercept the email. Those were the days where MS Mail wasn't instantaneous so you had a wee bit of time on your side.

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