Can anyone recommend software programming courses? Can anyone recommend software programming courses?
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    Question Can anyone recommend software programming courses?

    Seriously considering ditching the automation / control engineering industry and moving over to pure software development, most likely embedded. I'm going through various books and online challenges, but thought it might be good to go through a paid course just to have something to stick on my CV. Any recommendations?

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    I don't know anything about embedded programming so I can't help you find a specific course.

    I will strongly recommend not putting any courses from Linkedin Learning, Coursera, EDX, Udemy, etc on your CV but feel free to use them to learn.

    Generally speaking any course you take at a normal accredited university that's relevant should be included on your CV. If you already have a bachelors degree you can look for a comp sci / software engineering postgrad certificate with relevant courses which should just be 2-4 courses and some will be available part time or online. You can also look for short courses but I think these might be challenging to find. I actually think in general you are going to have a difficult time finding something relevant here if you are looking for something you can do part time or online while you work.

    Certificates from relevant vendors should be put on your CV but certificates in general are more of an IT Infrastructure/Systems thing rather than a programming thing.

    Hopefully someone with some experience in this area will post.

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    I'm impressed that you've found books on embedded since there's not exactly a lot.

    The rates are pretty crap too, though they're a little better than hardware design rates.
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    Have you looked at the 6 page sticky thread just above this one? Had a quick look there were a couple of coding sites mentioned.

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