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    Quote Originally Posted by d000hg View Post
    Pixel Buds tech specs – Google Store

    What exactly are "Voice-detecting accelerometer" and "Motion-detecting accelerometer and gyroscope"? Marketing gibberish or something genuinely clever and useful?

    They look a bit naff IMO.
    Gyroscope is there so that the phone knows when you put the headphones down. Had that on the AirPods for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d000hg View Post
    What does the app do, and why do they need a special app?

    I remember when Google used to sell cheap - now they want to be a premium brand. At that price why not go for a stylish brand... I've heard people who use the Apple ones a lot grudgingly admit they are wonderful.
    i've never bought any apple products for myself but having used the Airpods they are brilliant for handsfree calling, the mic really pics up your voice unlike other wireless ear buds where noone can hear you

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