Any USB experts? Any USB experts?
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    Default Any USB experts?

    I have a Rode NT-USB microphone which uses a USB-B (2.0) to USB-A cable, I want to replace it with a USB-B to USB-C. I know with USB the number and the letter mean different things, the 2.0 USB-B and the 3.0 USB-B are different shaped connectors.

    There seems to be cable which will give me what I want (linky) but does anyone know if there is any unintended consequences of connecting a older USB2.0 device to a USB3.0 Laptop?
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    AFAIK they're backward compatible.
    you wont get USB3 speed, but it should still work ok.

    Edit: provided the device drivers are still available to the new OS.
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    Yes, backwards compatibility is guaranteed. But does the laptop not have a type-A port you can use?

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