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    Default Problem with Epson Printer

    Can anyone help me with the following problem. I have been using an Epson Stylus Photo 750 Printer for about 2 years. A few days ago I noticed that the 12 small rubber paper transport rollers which are situated inside the printer just behind the ink cartridges, were showing a slight staining of black ink on the roller edges. These stains are now being transfered as lines to any document that I print. Does anyone know of a safe way to clean these rollers or is it a full service type job.

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    Please bear with me if I've got the wrong person - but is "ClivePeters" someone I know ?
    If so, if I say "wiggle wiggle wiggle" would that mean anything to you ?
    If so, give me a pos id.
    Standing by.


    p.s. no I'm not a nutter - just that your reported problem could be a really scary coincedence !

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    Default Hi Norman

    Seems we may know each other. If The Clive Peters Studio. CCTV or Sierra One means anything to you feel free to email me at anytime. Roger.

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    Default Re: Hi Norman

    I found it cheaper to chuck my 750 away and buy a new one.

    Might not be the answer you were looking for though

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    roger rabbit


    Default Re: Hi Norman

    Don't know about epson, but I have an HP and you can get a special cleaning kit with CD driver to clean all the workings of the PC for free on the HP site, or at least you could. Works for 5 cleans, thereafter you have to buy the sheets of special material. Makes a great scrubbing sound as it cleans all the rollers and gubbins. Epson must do the same (?), but it may not be free.

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    Default Yep, I had that

    Was on the Epson 500 that my wife had been using. Rollers were completely gunged up with ink. Just gave it a good scrubbing with a load of wet wipes. Hold the wet wipe on the roller and press formfeed, the rollers turn and get cleaned. Keep doing this until all the rollers are nice and sparkly.
    The ink used is waterbased anyway so damp (note damp not soggy) should remove the ink.
    Printer worked fine after that.

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