Object in HTML problem (or Flash 6 problem?) Object in HTML problem (or Flash 6 problem?)
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    Default Object in HTML problem (or Flash 6 problem?)

    Doing a short and simple animation in Flash 6, publishing as HTML. When I run it, either in Explorer or in VB WebBrowser object, it has an annoying gap at top and left. Not sure if this is a Flash thing or just a general problem with HTML objects.

    Changing the size/alignment either in Flash publish settings or in the HTML has no effect.

    Any means of positioning the animation at 0,0 on the page? Ta for any suggestions.

    PS Oh bum.
    Never noticed it before but actually it's impossible to put anything at 0,0, tables,text whatever, on a web page so this is probably stupid question. However, background image ok so can probably make up one that merges with the animation at edges, unless any better ideas.

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    Mark Snowdon


    Default NT ?

    not an answer but you were after NT for testing ?

    do you just want a copy of NT or are you after someone running it and doing some testing for you ?

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    make sure your flash object tag is straight after <body> - no spaces, <P>s etc. It should be possible to display flash in pos 0,0

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    Default Re: HTML Object or Flash Problem

    Have you removed the margin from the BODY using

    <BODY topmargin='0' leftmargin='0' rightmargin='0' bottommargin='0'>

    This may help

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    Default Re: HTML Object or Flash Problem

    For good measure, also chuck in marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"

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    Default Re: HTML Object or Flash Problem

    Forgot I asked this question. Been doing something else and just got back to it.

    Bunged in all of above suggested changes and it works groovy. Thanks to everyone. Shows how much I know about HTML.

    Mark. Haven't got any spare machines to put NT on. I've just been borrowing time on other people's machines or giving them a copy of the software to try out. I have heard from one bloke that NT could be problematical, although I had thought it was much like 2000/XP which are based on it, and seems ok in those. Hasn't screwed anyone else's installation up yet, but...

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