software and/or equipment for multiple sclerosis sufferer software and/or equipment for multiple sclerosis sufferer
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    Default software and/or equipment for multiple sclerosis sufferer

    If someone has multiple sclerosis so that they cannot use a keyboard and their speech is very hard to understand, what software and/or equipment is available which would allow them to use a laptop computer?

    Would voice activation software work or does this depend on their being able to speak "standard English"? Can you get a device with a pipe mouthpiece which can detect sucking/blowing etc and navigate a menu? I seem to remember seeing a television programme some years ago with Stephen Hawking using such a device.

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    Mark Snowdon


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    there are companies which do proper assesments of user capabilities, and then recommend specific products. I understand that the RNIB and the Deaf charity can provide some info ( many deaf people have trouble with speech so they may have some useful input)
    Voice activation needs to be trained but I would think that it could be possible to do something. The technology has improved over recent yeras and via-voice etc do a reasonable job - on a suitably high spec machine.

    Does it have to be a laptop ? Laptop means no expansion so it may be difficult to get reasonably priced add ons, plus it would have to be in an additional box.
    There are products like the hawking device - you may also remember the French Journo who recently published a book written with a similar device (I think his used eye movement monitoring) but these are likely to be expensive.

    Have you tried the MS society ?

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