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    Could anyone point me in the rihgt direction for help in how to sort out the folowing qauandry
    I want to develop a web page to gather basic information from a visitor, upload a word document and store data on a sql server datatbase - thats all fine.
    Thing is i dont know of anyone who will host a site like that (or is there?), so i assume i would have to buy my own server and host it. Has anyone ever done this and if so what are the costs involved?

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    £500 for the machine, then £50 a month from the onwards.

    Me and a friend currently host with them, our own box.

    However if we started again we'd probably go with their box, as its a very good deal.

    From their onwards the box is yours to use, and if you cancel
    the box gets sent to you.

    I use VNC and FTP to do most remote control aspects, runs
    win2k, groovy. The only admin they do is altering the firewall,
    in case we need ports opening for certain things.


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    The colocation deal looks good, but to start off you might want to look at:

    Very flexible hosting with large MS SQL Server database for the price of a cup of tea at a motorway service station.....

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    you need a web server & web app to enable upload through a html form? i'll develop it and host it for 5/month

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    getting hard up reynolds?

    Your Java skills not paying too well?

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