Maskcolor in VB6 CommandButtons Maskcolor in VB6 CommandButtons
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    Default Maskcolor in VB6 CommandButtons

    Colour matched all my wildlife identification plates in VB6 on Win2000.

    Set button MaskColor as background on .bmp , set UseMaskColor to true. Works great on Win2000, all the buttons most tasteful against backround pics.

    Checked out on Win98, maskcolor on buttons does not work at all in design stage or run stage although cannot find any ref to this fact on the net.

    Cannot use .ico or .wmf/.emf which have their own transparency info as 1st is max 48x48 and 2nd has known bug in Win98 where it does not release memory. Different set of .bmp for each wildlife database is a solution but messy.

    Any other ways round this? Ta for any replies.

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    USE .NET!

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    Default are you

    using the same device drivers set at the same res/colour depth for win2k and win98? there can be differences in the way masked colour is handled....

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    Default Re: are you

    Ta scotty.That all seems to check out. Decided to use the .wmf route as looking on net again, memory problem only ever mentioned in connection with picture boxes. Seems a bit unlikely though, would have thought same dll used to paint whatever the control.

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