Can anyone recommend a backup prog? Can anyone recommend a backup prog?
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    Default Can anyone recommend a backup prog?

    I'm just using Winzip at the moment but would like a program that I can schedule, partially backup. Oh and it's got to create backup that I can actually read, as well ( >: >: )

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    Use PowerQuest Drive Image or Symantec Ghost.

    Both allow you to recover individual files and I know Ghost allows incremental backups and scheduling (not too sure about PQDI on that score).

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    Mark Snowdon


    Default backup prog

    I just use Nero and build a stack of CD's

    What are you backing up onto ? DAT, DLT, CD, Floppy, ZipDisk ?

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    Default Re: backup prog

    If you're backing up a Novell Network then (some would say controversially) I recommend CA ARCserve.

    What you don't say very clearly is exactly what you want to back up - servers, desktops a standalone PC, MAC, Linux, Windows, a box of cherries (I keep a very big box of backup cherries - as a midnight snack), etc., etc?

    And, as already suggested, what backup media would you like to use ? Or what is your criteria for determining the media you will use?

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    What flavour of OS are you using? This is important as I remember reading in an online rag that with base level XP, the backup worked, but the restore didn't.

    Backup to tape or CD?

    For my Windows system, I boot into Linux and use tar/gzip, then boot back into Windows to burn a CD.

    For my other systems, I use a DAT - up to 24GB on a DDS3 tape which neatly fits into my shirt pocket. At work, we use DLTs. Rather more expensive and bulkier, but far more reliable than DAT.

    You need to give us more details about your requirements please.

    In "I should write a thesis on this topic" mode.

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    Debbie ITAccounting Online



    Tape backup for Linux - Arkeia. It's free for one server, starts to get pricy if you want to back up more than one server.

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    Amanda is good and its free.

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    I would recommend vertitas Backup exec. It will backup server side exchange, SQL databases and the restore facility is very quick.

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    Default backup

    Latest version of Arcserve for Win2k platforms is very good.

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