Annoying Internet Explorer problems Annoying Internet Explorer problems
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    Default Annoying Internet Explorer problems

    Have really irritating problems with IE on three different computers.

    a) Win2000. The connection icon no longer appears in the tray. Worse, I am not prompted to connect on opening explorer or to log off when closing. I have been thorugh all the connection options 2000 times and they are set correctly. I have tried resetting and setting again the 'show connection icon' etc. to no effect. May be to do with fact that dial up networking brings up no connections.

    b) Win98 computer 1. Thanks to some twit's posting in humour section, a 2nd IE window always comes up minimised. Seems to be no setting for changing that that I can find.

    c) Win98 computer 2. A daft DOS type terminal window comes up on connection. In win2000, as I am sure there was in win98, the modems settings has a show terminal window option - bloody thing has disappeared.

    Any suggestions on above gratefully received.

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    Mark Snowdon


    Default use Opera instead

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