The future of IT contracting in Europe The future of IT contracting in Europe
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    Default The future of IT contracting in Europe

    I have been contracting in mainland Europe for the the past 5 years. Just like Osborne in UK, in Germany a certain Frau Andrea Nahles is making the lives of IT contractors in Germany difficult and the future looks bleak. The trend seems to be be pretty much the same everywhere at the moment.

    If you are a contractor in UK what would you do? You your stay in UK and take a permanent position? Or would you leave the country? Where would you go?

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    This gloom and doom view on contracting has been around for the past couple of years. The way I see it, it's weeding out the chaff. The people who are contracting for the benefits other than pure financial gain will keep on contracting even if/when most of the financial benefits are gone. People who are doing mainly for the money and are finding it too much of a hassle to work through the incoming legislation are going to switch to perm.

    In any case personally I wouldn't base my decision on the opinion of others, but my own.

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