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    Quote Originally Posted by apj View Post
    1. Signed a rolling contract in Dublin to keep my ltd company afloat.
    2. Got offered a few almost-as-good UK permie roles that will probably be waiting for me if I change my mind. Hopefully...
    3. Converted a German permie role offer into a future remote client for my ltd company.
    4. Do more work via Upwork/Guru if I can bag them and keep them.
    5. Expand and update skills/knowledge to get better rates and offers, once the UK contracting market returns. Or not. Then do more work for clients in EMEA.

    Fingers crossed...
    I'm knackered just reading that.
    think i'll have a lie down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerfederer View Post
    Are you aware that the pension rules are likely to imminently change?

    The 40% relief is likely to be abolished. Relief will be limited to the 20% band but, crucially, with other changes at play that could see the ability of pre-tax pension contributions via umbrella to no longer be permitted.

    If you suggest that's crazy, I am inclined to agree. Watch this space. See Financial Times/Telegraph for more info. I prefer to avoid the Telegraph as it's a brexit rag and seems prone to business misinformation these days.
    I wasn't aware. Thanks for sharing.

    That would be crazy, you'd think gov would be keen to encourage people to put as much into personal pensions as possible, not like the state pension is going to save us all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KinooOrKinog View Post
    Is a contract in Europe not just similar to inside here though? Granted I don't know too much about it, but do most countries not operate a system similar to PAYE?
    Sweden allows outside contacts and these are extremely common in IT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe545 View Post
    Sweden allows outside contacts and these are extremely common in IT.
    Is that right?

    Contracting in Sweden: the legal bit

    In the first instance, it’s important to note that the country has strict deemed employment legislation which makes many Swedish firms reluctant to employ contractors under a self-employed model. Much of this reluctance comes from the increased risks for the business, with tax liabilities transferred to the end client if incorrect payments are made. Many firms will also find that tax administration is particularly burdensome if a self-employed contractor is deemed to be a permanent fixture, making this employment model unfavourable with a large number of companies.
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