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    Default Employment contract review

    Hello there,

    One of the options I have is to join an umbrella company in PAYE model, the attached document is their employment contract.
    I have requested them to remove the restrictive covenant clause (No 13) and they have agreed to do that with an appendix, which should supersede this contract.
    Now, is there any other clause or statement that I need to ask them to amend before I sign it. There is a good possibility that the end client hires me directly, later. So I just want to be keep that option legally open.

    Thanks for the help in advance

    Can someone please help me with adding an attachment to this post? if thats not allowed how can i share the sanitized contract for review?
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    I think you might be misunderstanding the contract chain here. You have a contract of employment with the umbrella, regardless of who you work with. That's it. The agreements with the clients and agents have nothing to do with this.

    All you've done is remove the notice period to leave the brolly. This is different between the T&Cs in the contact between agent and brolly.

    Go back to the brolly and ask them to explain exactly how they work, particularly WRT contracts and engagement.
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