Contract within IR35 with Direct client Contract within IR35 with Direct client
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    Default Contract within IR35 with Direct client

    Hello, I worked as a subcontractor for a client for sometime & work 16.5 hours a week. The same client would like me to go directly with them & has deemed the contract within IR35. I have decided to go via an umbrella company who will have a direct contract with my end client, now the client is suggesting I go via the recruitment agent they use as they have never set up a contract with an umbrella company & usually the agent they use has the relationship with the umbrella. Has anyone done something similar before, my concern is my take home pay will less as I will paying an agent fee as well as an umbrella fee?.


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    The agent takes a fee from the clients rate and offers you a rate which is the clients charge minus their cut. You should tell the client you expect the agreed rate regardless of who is in the chain. The client will have to suffer the uplift the agent puts on. If its their regular agent they should be used to this and expect it.

    Yes you will have to pay for the umbrella services. Nothing you can do about that.

    All pretty standard stuff really.
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    We can work direct with the end client and provide them with a B2B template they can use if that helps?

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