Umbrella Company Taxable Date Umbrella Company Taxable Date
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    Default Umbrella Company Taxable Date

    Hi All,

    I have tried researching this myself but couldn't find any answers: suspect the response will be relatively straightforward so any help would be much appreciated.

    I started work in February and had done 8 weeks Inside IR35 , through an Umbrella Company work by the 4th April: however, the agency have only put 5 of the related timesheets into the tax year 19/20 and are treating the ones towards the end of March (plus one timesheet which they deem as ending Sunday 5th April) as relating to 20/21. This matters because I hadn't used all of my £12,000 Tax Allowance in 19/20 as that was my first job of the tax year: the agency are insisting that the personal tax allowance etc has to be 20/21 as that's when they paid me for the related timesheets.

    Is this true? Taxable date is not related to work performed but actually the payment date by the umbrella company?

    If so, as someone who regularly only works 6 months of a year before travelling for a year, what's to then stop me regaining my "losses" by holding back on submitting my final 2 months timesheets when I leave this job and then waiting until 2021/222 to submit the timesheets and use my tax allowance then? Seems odd if that's the case.

    Any help appreciated!

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    All down to the date the monies were paid by the umbrella as you suspected

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