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    Quote Originally Posted by Heathmount View Post
    Thanks Lucy, your post came in at the same time I replied. Thanks for the really detailed response and getting in touch with HMRC seems like a good idea.

    I've just had the preferred supplier list through from the recruiter and Clarity aren't on them which is annoying. Just off the phone to them and they won't budge so sorry I can't go with you.
    Didnt the latest judgement against 6Cats out the these lists as illegal?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heathmount View Post

    After 8 years with my Ltd company I'm now going via a brolly for the first time. I haven't chosen one yet and i'm trying to get and answer to the following question. My day rate will take me over 100k earnings for the year so how and when does the reduction in personal allowance kick in? I asked 3 different companies and had 3 different answers:

    Company1. You'll have to sort it out yourself via self assessment.
    Company2. HMRC should issue an updated coding notice after month 1 based on estimated earnings.
    Company3. HMRC should issue an updated coding notice once your earnings reach 100k.

    Totally confused now. I know there's things I could do like pay into a pension to keep me below 100k but I just want to know what the process is. I'd rather it was somehow done via PAYE rather then SA. But then I might be out of work in 6 months and not reach the limit so I'll have overpaid.

    You will lose

    Family allowance + all child care costs also

    If applicable

    I thought everyone here was £100K+ minimum anyhoo

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    Another angle to consider:

    You will have an income for part of the tax year from your PSC too (unless you switched on the change of year), this will be added to your income from the brolly, so you may "appear" to have an income of 108K+

    Also, HMRC are not very bright...

    I made a similar switch to you. The payroll service had me on weekly terms and notified HMRC. They then took 4 weeks to get the payroll going, so 1st run had 4 weeks worth of dosh in it. HMRC therefore thought I was on 4x the real rate. 20 mins via their chat helpline resolved it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by northernladuk View Post
    Didnt the latest judgement against 6Cats out the these lists as illegal?
    I can see why agencies/employers would use a list, it generally means the umbrellas have a track record of being around a while and not being too useless. I just got forced to use a list and in hindsight I think it was a good thing. I did some due diligence anyway but plenty wouldn't. I suspect some umbrellas might go pop in the current climate, luckily I'm weekly paid and they have been prompt so far.

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    Yes correct, it is your taxable salary figure

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