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    I've got the same problem - taking a fixed term contract on payroll so wanting to close my Ltd but wanting to support previous client preferably via umbrella.
    The support wouldn't earn enough to keep paying the accountants monthly and I don't really fancy doing all the limited company paperwork myself.

    The Ltd is registered at the accountants address too, is that easy to change and what are the implications of basically sacking my accountants (after they've done my just finished year end preferably)??

    Company bank account is fairly low too - enough to meet corp tax, vat and accountants fees but little spare.

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    Same for me, just about to finish contract in March, then there is scope for a "couple of days here and there" with same client, sprinkled into my retirement plan.

    I'm erring towards keeping the Ltd open and working as a "deemed" contractor through my limited, as with the umbrella fees it wont be worth working a couple of days a month only, even if they let me do this!

    There seems to be a few of us in the same boat on this one!

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