Tier 1 Visa Extension and Umbrella Company...Urgent PLEASE HELP Tier 1 Visa Extension and Umbrella Company...Urgent PLEASE HELP
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    Default Tier 1 Visa Extension and Umbrella Company...Urgent PLEASE HELP

    Hi everyone,
    I have just signed up with this forum with a very desperate attempt to get any advice anyone can give me. I am on tier 1 visa and last year another contractor suggested i switch to a different umbrella due to increased revenue potential. It is time to renew my visa and I was wondering if anyone has ever done this before with an umbrella company that deals with loans. Because the reported gross is less than the actual gross, i would never be able to get points to score for renewal based on reported. I am really angry with myself as I never saw this coming.

    Is it possible for the umbrella to just place my weekly gross salary as it was originally paid into their account and next to it the net amount actually paid? I have time sheets and payslips from my agency that found me the work that shows that gross amount was sent to the umbrella on the given date so it would back that up. And the net amount would reflect what was actually placed in my bank account.

    I only wish that i stuck with my original company and got less money but I am from a poor country and i had to take out loans to get my education so that i could leave. I only wanted a better life and to live in the Uk under indefinite leave to remain as that was always my goal. I am also using a lawyer but have not fully informed him of this as yet as i only discovered it recently.

    Please any help or success with this would be greatly...greatly appreciated. Thank you so much

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    It would be better if you ask the umbrella and your lawyer for advice.

    We are not lawyers and it sounds as if your Umbrella operates a loan scheme - I would be surprised if it would allow what you want, but since it will be in the contract you will just have to ask your lawyer to advise you. He will have the facts and details that will be needed to figure this one out.

    We don't.
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    Default Thanks for the reply

    Thanks and I am definitely going to see what my lawyer says and go from there. My umbrella initially said they have dealt with visas before and normally provide letters verifying income but amount of detail is not generous. The place where I am contracted, I have been working there for 2 years and my direct line manager has said that he will generate invoices that confirm that a gross is going to the umbrella on specified dates so that will further justify my gross
    I wish I never made this mistake as I really have nowhere else to go, but no use in complaining over spilt milk. I will keep you guys posted and my progress and any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks again

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    IANAL but I believe that if you are working under a tier 1 visa for highly skilled migrants then you just need to show that you are economically active in your chosen field to gain the points necessary for an extension to the visa
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