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Even if you're paying only salary, IR35 will still be important after April 2016, as you will not be allowed to claim travel and subsistence expenses if you're operating inside IR35 - so you will need to make an IR35 decision even if paying all your profit at PAYE.
Wow !
Thank you very much for this teapot418 !
I have just looked this up and also spent time trying to understand more about IR35 (which clearly I only had a superficial understanding of before).
If I look at the sort of work I was envisaging based on my recent experience, I think it is more than likely that I will be working under Supervision, Control and Direction (SDC) as defined my HMRC and as far as I can tell, that means that I will not be able to claim expenses for travel and subsistence whether I am PAYE and a director of my Ltd Company or going through an umbrella company.
Do you agree ?