I want to be an Agile coach. I want to be an Agile coach.
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    Default I want to be an Agile coach.

    Hi all,

    I worked as a technical writer, did a coding boot camp and now work as a Scrum Master.

    I am looking around the roles I like Agile Coach also could have a spell as a product owner or BA.

    I would like to be a contractor scrum master/agile coach. Thing is of course I live in Eastern Europe.

    It would be great to build a reputation just to consult.

    Cheers and happy to be here.

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    You can't just become a contractor in something if you've never done it before.

    Well, technically, you can, just don't expect many contracts when you're competing against experienced contractors.
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    "Agile" does not equal Scrum. Learn a LOT more first. *Really* good agile coaches are worth their weight in gold and very hard to find. Too many people go on a short scrum training course and then title themselves as an agile coach.

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