New Advice Please - Umbrella or Limited? New Advice Please - Umbrella or Limited?
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    Default New Advice Please - Umbrella or Limited?

    Hi All

    I am after some advice please

    I have been offered a new contract which could could be a 24 month contract in total

    The day rate is 250 a day

    Should I go Limited or Umbrella? in the past i always went umbrella but the rates were not as good as this

    I am guessing limited is the best but after some advice regarding

    -setting it up
    -which accountant should i use
    - what is the average price per month an accountant will charge

    any advice will be great please



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    Look to the right. There are a load of links. You'll find all your answers in there. The newbie guides are best to start with.

    Also have a look at the sickie threads at the top of the forums as there is already a guide on Ltd vs brolly. There is also an accountant recommendations one.

    Have a look on the IPSE website for a guide to contracting which will help you.

    When you've done most of the above and answered many of your own questions but are stuck with a specific issue then please do come back and we'd be glad to help you.
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