New to contracting (IT) New to contracting (IT)
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    Default New to contracting (IT)

    Hey all

    Made the move into contracting this year and currently 1 month into my first one.

    Worked in IT since the late 90s so I left it a bit late but better late than never I guess - although I'll reserve judgment on that until the next 2 years are over! wish I had looked into this move 10 years ago!


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    Still gathering requirements...

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    Also new to contracting not a long ago.
    So welcome aboard.

    as with all public forums, this one is full of different and often conflicting opinions.
    read all you can but take it with a pinch of salt.

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    Thumbs up Welcome from Clever Accounts

    “Sometimes too late is just in time.”

    Good Luck!
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    Default Plucky new IT contractor (hopefully)

    Also new! Hello mate

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