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My contract is not being renewed because permies have complained about me.

I've not broken breath to them, they know nothing about me. Only thing I can think of is honest comments on their code. I have many more years experience than them, working with much lower level languages, but I've not been arrogant or condescending. If anything I've been constructive.

My work has been of the required standard and I've turned up on time, been polite to everyone I've spoken to etc.

I'm not that bothered about leaving the job, the work's quite dull - Angular and Typescript with simple C# - but I would like to ask the contractors on here if they have been in a similar situation and how they handled it.

I take it that getting involved in reviewing anything permie might be a stupid idea!!!!!!!!
Your work isn't just writing code and giving code reviews. Actually, your main job is earning money, and in order to do that you need to know who your stakeholders are.

Often, the PM or whoever you think your stakeholder is will just ask the permies whether or not you're any good. So buy the permies coffee and tell them some dirty jokes, because their answer is going to be coloured by how much they like you.

Being "polite" isn't good enough.