Just moved here from United States Just moved here from United States
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    Default Just moved here from United States

    Hi Everyone, I just moved here from the United States and am in Edinburgh. My wife is originally from here and we moved to be closer to her family. My job history is that for the last 15 years I've been doing IT contract work Support and Field Tech work (dekstop, migrations, network installations, point of sale etc...).

    A lot of my work came through work portals (Field Nation, Workmarket are some examples) where the contractor can bid on work that is posted by the company. The work can literally be a break/fix job that takes two hours to a week long deployment project to months long support roles. I could work for sometimes three different companies in one day. Also after a while I could get jobs just based on the reputation I built on the portal through ratings and such (I was 5 star rates, with 99% reliability rating). There wasn't this process of submitting CV's, getting interviewed etc... Also we got paid directly through the work portal company and there was no need for setting up a limited company or paid through umbrella.

    I know on how we get paid here in UK there are these rules, but I was wondering as far as contract work goes is there anything like what I'm talking about where you can find really short term jobs? Also any advice on the best way to put my CV together? I'm struggling a bit on how to show it especially to companies where I might want to try to apply for permanent positions. Some recruiters are saying I need to list jobs, dates etc... Literally in the last 7 years I've done 1000's jobs for over 100 different clients.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    I think I would wrap up the jobs you got via the portals as lumps of work, e.g.

    Field Nation Feb-2011 to Dec-2019
    add website URL
    Obtained multiple freelance opportunities with various end clients, including:
    * list the more interesting / juicy jobs that are relevant to the role you are going for.

    The contract market is to going to hell in a handcart at the moment so, as a newbie in many ways, I would recommend you go for permanent intially and see how the next couple of years pans out.

    Oh, and welcome and good luck!

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