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I feel like something is being misunderstood here by you.
I didn't phrase that very well. My understanding is that some of the potential clients are companies that aren't operating in the UK. Agent* told me those clients aren't going to be paying VAT.

* I've been writing the word "agent" but really it's a consultancy. But they're sort of acting as my agent? Is this correct terminology?

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What does your contract say on payments ?
It says I'll be paid £X per day (inclusive of VAT). I submit an invoice each month with details of the days worked, the services provided and the amount of the fee payable ("plus VAT, if applicable"). Fees shall only be payable following the achievement of a deliverable (deliverable being the outputs of working in a consultant capacity + any documents and materials I provide).

I'm looking into getting it looked over, but there's quite a few different services to choose from so I need to do more reading.