Introduction, why not eh? Introduction, why not eh?
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    Cool Introduction, why not eh?

    Afternoon All,

    It's a glorious sunny Bank Holiday Morning and I'm sat with a nice premium bottle of cider and a laptop in the garden, hopefully everyone else is also enjoying their day.

    Thought i'd just say hi, my names Matt, i'm 22 and am one of those jack of all trade infrastructure specialists. I've been furiously trying to make my way around the financial and manufacturing sectors soaking up the FTSE 100 on my CV, still counting on my fingers so far though, so a long way to go!

    Hopefully you should see my rather dry sense of humour hanging around and helping out across various threads.

    Speak Soon


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    Welcome to CUK, xS9.
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    Welcome to CUK, xS9.

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