Hello, good evening and welcome! Hello, good evening and welcome!
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    Default Hello, good evening and welcome!

    Hello everybody.

    Having only been contracting since April 2010, (not the best time but became increasingly disillusioned with the perceived benefits of perm roles and my boss was a tulip =) ) I consider myself a newbie.

    Had to take less than expected on first contract after waiting almost 8 weeks, but luckily got a short term 3 month gig (and an excellent reference letter from a highly recognisable brand name employer!) moved onto another for 6 moths and now I've landed 12 monther only 2 miles from home and the rate is up slightly above what I expected as a starter rate.

    Enjoying the feeling I'm in more control of my own destiny and don't feel the need to get sucked into internal politics, but a couple of things still bugging me that I need to iron out might post on those as I become more familiar with things around here. Looks like a good place for me, good mixture of the informed and the insane, with a good dose of sarcasm.

    Limited Company basis, mostly Finance roles (CIMA qualified), but seriously considering Prince2 when I finish this role or even before as I've only taken 10 days holiday and 5 days for other stuff over the last 14 months, I'm getting bored of numbers and would like a broader skill set.

    I'm not going to ask for advice here as I don't want to get flamed or annoy people, will search around first, just wanting to say hello really! Must find a good avatar to use as well.

    "If I don't see you later, good afternoon, good evening and good night!"

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    I am also new here

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