Many years ago I contracted as an ICT support specialist (2k boom), made good money but sensed outsourcing was ahead in a big way for my type of role, so I went permie and reskilled.

Spent the next decade in the Public Sector and worked up to a very senior IT Project Manager role with lots of tech and business skills.

Recently moved into a consultancy environment for the first time, private sector, senior role. In many ways it feels a lot like contracting used to, with a very loose management framework. It makes you wonder what the environment provides that I couldn't get by myself. As a result, it sparked thoughts about contracting and the future...

Very interested to hear about anyone elses experience mid career, what did you next?

I can see two options:

Stay in consultancy, build commercial experience and then back into contracting. Stay as a specialist PM (assuming I could get roles at 40+,50+?).

Reboot again! studying for MBA or similar and climb the corporate pole further. Focus more on management, less on tech and grass roots delivery.

I should add, that unlike last time, I now have house, mortgage and young family!

Incidentally, move is inevitable in the medium term as there are limits, even in consultancy, to how much you can earn as an employee with particular skills.