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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebel View Post
    Hi all,

    I am new to this site and this is my first post. I have been reading through the forums quite a bit though and have found the info very helpful.

    Bit if background - I have been a contractor for about a year with one six-month contract and two three-month contracts all at different banks.

    I am currently looking fir my next contract and have been offered a three-month but from sky which is outside of banking. What I wanted to know is - does it look bad on my cv if I take this contract especially since I would like to go back to banking? Ideally speaking I would like to be open too other industries and nit just banking but I am not sire how this looks. I fear that people will think I am not focused on a particular field. But the reality is that I like to do what I do but for different industries. I am essentially a programmer and data analyst btw.

    Also how will it look if I have had my last three contracts all shirt term I.e. 3month contracts. Some people frown on this right? I do a good job in each contract but it may seem that I am spreading myself too thin perhaps.

    Thank you in advance for any advice!
    I always look at previous contract duration on the c.v.'s I review for positions

    3 x 3 months would suggest to me the classic you blagged the c.v. & the interview but were caught out when asked to deliver

    Harsh I know but that's how it comes across
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    Quote Originally Posted by Troll View Post
    It's never happened to me but if it did I think I'd word it as "Consultancy" on the c.v.
    "Troubleshooter" is the job title.
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