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    Default Contracting in Sweden


    I have a friend who is a Bulgarian national and has just secured a contract role in Sweden. I have done some research for him and as the role will be less that 6 months it looks like he will be able to work through a bulgarian limited company. can anyone confirm this is correct?


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    Has he checked it's doable? There are quite a few roles knocking about in Södertalje (South West of Stockholm) For AZ, the outsourcer is HCL and the rates are pathetic, down to €300/day, Sweden and especially Stockholm area hardly the cheapest place to live....

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    The Swedish tax office has information in many languages online including English.

    If you search their site you will find out the correct information.

    One thing I do know is with Sweden the clock on your 6 months starts ticking on the day you enter Sweden to start the contract. If you go leave the country for a weekend or go on holiday for a week the clock is still ticking. They are very clear on this rule.

    The best thing is to try and find a client who is happy for you to work from your home country most of the time and work there a few days a month.

    As Stek stated accommodation is very expensive and in/around Stockholm can be hard to find.
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