CV lying 'pointless' if you can do the job

Ex-Yahoo boss Scott Thompson is seemingly one of the few unlucky ones, as UK managers admit that they too have embellished their CVs yet only rarely been caught.

In a survey of 700 UK managers, about a third admitted to lying or exaggerating on their CV in the past, however only one in 50 said they got found out.

Four in 10 claimed to have spotted a candidate doing the same at interview, which represents “ample grounds” for dismissal from the process, warned law firm Elas, which ran the survey.

“The fact that so many people do it might make the liars out there feel comforted, but it could backfire spectacularly”, added Elas’ head of employment law Peter Mooney.

“The trouble is that so much of people’s past is now searchable online, which makes it far easier for potential employers to check up on people’s past.”

Regardless of whether they hold official qualifications, he believes “lying is pointless” for any candidate who has the right skills to do the job that they interview or apply for.

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