IT contractor pay down £27 a day since 2010

Average rates for IT contractors have slipped almost 7 per cent since 2010, equating to their daily take-home pay falling by £27 thanks to both public and private outfits cutting back.

In a chart covering the three months to September 2012, IT Jobs Watch showed that the average daily rate across the breadth of contract IT roles, whether public or private, is £388.

That compares to £400 in the same period of 2011, and £415 in the same period of 2010, shows the chart, purported to cover more than 90% of all contract IT jobs located in the UK.

The pay slippage since 2010, measuring 6.5%, appears less visible when glancing at the bulk of contracts – nine in ten this year had a starting rate of £230 versus £235 two years ago.

At the top end, the disparity is more obvious: only 10% of IT contracts this year offered more than £550 a day, compared with the same proportion starting at £600 a day in 2011 and 2012.

Such pay shavings will be news to developers on hourly rates, however. In 2012, they are on £35, up from £32.50 an hour in the two previous years, equating to a spike of 7.7 per cent.

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