Staffing boss vows to expose 'dodgy' agents

The UK recruitment industry must raise its game and expose “dodgy” agents otherwise it will keep being regarded as “wheeler dealers out to make a fast buck.”

Braving this verdict to a room full of recruiters, Kevin Green, of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, said they faced a choice in how they respond to “tough questions.”

Alluding to potential abuse of travel and subsistence schemes - and exploitation of candidates, the REC chief executive told the agents they would either keep getting criticised or could “mature”.  

Addressing an awards ceremony last week, Mr Green said: “We have a choice: we either wholly embrace being a mature professional industry with robust standards, or we will continue to be perceived as wheeler dealers out to make a fast buck.”

He noted that, since July, all agencies approaching the REC for membership have to go through a “rigorous” online test before being allowed to join, while existing members must also pass the test from January 2014.

“But this is not enough on its own,” continued Mr Green. “We have to go further. So from tonight we say firstly to all the payroll, umbrella companies and the dodgy non-REC recruiters - ‘We are going to shine a bright light on your dubious practices and expose you to the world’.”

The Institute of Recruitment Professionals, which hosted the ceremony, also heard from Mr Green - reportedly the highest paid CEO of a UK trade group, that the recruitment industry has “much to be proud of”.

“We must not let the reputation of our industry be influenced by a few bad apples,” he said. “If we are brave and we stand together, the future of the recruitment industry looks assured and we can all thrive and prosper.”

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