Limited company contracting 'is a way of life'

An improving work-life balance; stable or stronger earnings and increasingly likely to be renewing – all characteristics of the contractor workforce identified on the eve of 2013.

Unveiling this snapshot of one-person limited companies yesterday, SJD Accountancy said that, overall, such contract workers were now more upbeat about freelancing, pay and work.

Compared to the previous survey, run by the accountant in June 2012, fewer contractors have had their rate reduced; a greater chunk have extended and more see the good in recruiters.

But the biggest movement since the half-year survey was in work-life balance, as only 57% said their division between labour and leisure was favourable, compared with 70% now.

The improvement may be why more than eight in 10 contractors have opted to stay in their current job and why the same lion’s share expects to still be contracting in 2014, and beyond.  

Moreover, the lure of full-time employment is weak, the December survey found, with ‘we do not miss the perks and benefits’ of permanent work sounded by four-fifths of the sample.

SJD Accountancy, which quizzes more than 1,000 contractors for the bi-annual reading, says it is “delighted” to see the increasingly “positive outlook on contracting as a way of life.”

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