Hays CEO's three questions for interview success

Professional job-seekers who want to ‘shift from being a good to a great candidate’ should try to address three questions an interviewer often has in mind, a recruitment boss says.

Alistair Cox, chief executive of Hays, admits he used the trio when he recently interviewed a batch of candidates who had made the short-list for a “critical” job on his management team.

The three -- used by Cox to pick the cream of the crop -- are ‘Would I enjoy working with you?’ ‘Would you work well with the team?’ and ‘Will you help make my firm succeed?’

Although preparing for the first question is tough, he says the best candidate will offer up an insight into their “humour, resilience, adaptability, initiative, ambition, passion and integrity”.

As to the second question, the recruitment boss recommends addressing it because “no amount of skills and experience make up for the innate ability to work well” with others.

The third question is also pertinent for interviewers needing to find the ‘stand out’ candidate because, Cox says, an applicant demonstrating they can merely perform the role is no longer enough.

“I don’t want people who will just do their job, I want people that consistently make a positive difference,” the Hays CEO stated, writing in a post on LinkedIn.

All three questions helped Cox decide which one of the shortlisted candidates, all vying to be Hays’ HR director, would make “the biggest difference and fit the best with my business.”

He advised: “Convince how you will bring success to an organisation, as well as making it a more collaborative and enjoyable place to work... [then you’re] most likely to land the job.”

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