HMRC sends Accelerated Payment Notices

The initial batch of Accelerated Payment Notices have been deployed by the taxman, who aims to send out 2,500 of such ‘pay-up first’ demands each month, it was reported yesterday.

Taken alongside the tax department’s estimate that it will issue the notices over the next 20 months, the reported target indicates that about 50,000 APNs will be issued in total.

This figure is up on the 43,000 avoidance scheme users identified to receive an APN (30,000 are firms; 10,000 are individuals), but the timetable and the monthly target are only estimates.   

Yet the approximation of 50,000 notices (in total) also differs from the initial target set in January, when HM Revenue & Customs said such APNs would help it resolve 65,000 cases.

The names of taxpayers or schemes now in receipt of an APN is secret, reported the Financial Times, which disclosed HMRC’s intended monthly outlay of the notices at the weekend.   

The newspaper also reported another new figure from the Revenue -- the total amount of tax that officials say the notices will protect, estimated to be £7.1bn over the next 18 months.

Despite the year-and-a-half timeframe, HMRC guidance on APNs states that once an enquiry into a taxpayer’s return is opened, there is no specific time limit for HMRC to issue an APN.

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