Happiness is working for yourself, not someone else

Work is a means to happiness for permies but is an actual source of happiness for contractors and anyone else in business on their own account, a survey shows.

In fact, having polled over 400 people who either worked for others or themselves, it was those who were their own boss who emerged as more likely to being ‘extremely happy.’

This is not to say that permies are not happy – “generally” they were, but they regard work as a way to get happy outside of their 9-to-5 such as in leisure time, shows the poll by a-connect.

For one-man bands however, work itself is closely tied to general happiness and health, as opposed to being a facilitator for other activities that contribute to happiness.

When all respondents were asked ‘Given the opportunity, would you change your employment tomorrow?' most of the full-timers said they ‘probably would.’

A majority (albeit smaller) was also counted among the one-man bands, but for the opposite response -- so a resounding 'definitely not' was fired in response to whether they wish to change what they do.

This implied fondness for working for yourself is despite the longer hours it involves -- 42% of the one-man bands did 40-50hr weeks, while 52% of permies did 30-40hr weeks.

“It's difficult to determine whether this is primarily through choice or need,” said a-connect. “[But pay] does not vary hugely between employment types and most are satisfied with their remuneration and believe it to be in line with their experience and output.”

Still, even then, people who worked for themselves were typically happier with their levels of remuneration (59% ‘satisfied’) than those who worked for someone else (56% ‘satisfied’).

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