IT lecturer hit by sex claims with girl pupil, 18

An IT lecturer used ‘decoy’ emails to cover up his alleged sexual liaisons with a girl he was meant to be teaching computer skills to.

Russel Oakley, 38, wrote it would be “unprofessional” to meet outside of IT class to ‘Learner A,’ an 18-year-old female pupil he had already started meeting for sex, Wales Online reported.

Designed to make it appear that he would only see her for lessons where he taught at Cardiff and Vale College, the emails were a ruse, as Oakley was keeping up the relationship via phones and social media.

A hearing also heard that, despite Oakley’s implied fear that suspicious college staff could check his emails to expose the relationship, he was actually found out by turning up at the girl’s house.   

In fact, Learner A’s father recognised and confronted Oakley outside the family home, leading to the IT lecturer being reported to the college and subjected to an internal investigation.

Having since admitted the affair to the Education and Workforce Council, and to a girlfriend he saw while sleeping with Learner A, Oakley now faces the prospect of being struck off the teaching register.

He only notified his line manager once he ran into Learner A’s father, saying he didn’t come clean about the year-long affair before because he wanted to keep his £30,000-a-year job so he could get a mortgage.

However as well as reportedly telling the hearing that he tried to break off the sexual relationship, which he confessed was “ethically wrong,” Oakley believes his actions do not merit being stuck off because the girl was over age.

Now deliberating on whether Oakley should be removed from the teaching register, the council’s ‘fitness to practice’ panel currently lists the IT lecturer as being under a suspension order - “without conditions” - for unacceptable professional conduct.

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