Rudd raises prospect of £50 EU business pass

Paying a fee to enter EU countries on a visa is an unenviable post-Brexit prospect that Britain is unable to “rule out” for its business people, the home secretary has admitted.

Amber Rudd also said that while Brits would be “surprised” to have to pay for permission to enter France or Germany for business, it is an option she said that cannot be discounted.

“I don’t think it’s particularly desirable,” Rudd told BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show. “But we don’t rule it out because we have to be allowed a free hand to get the best negotiations.”

Rudd’s comments raise the prospect of Brits on business paying about £50 to enter an EU member state, as this is the current price of a visa for the Schengan free movement area.

But other figures are being bandied about too. Air passengers, for example, could face a £5 fee to be ‘fast-tracked’ through passport control to help border staff by reducing queue times.

Confirmed to the Times by the Home Office, the fast-track system is being worked on with airport operators, although it seems far off a national rollout as not all operators are involved.

Separately, France and Germany reportedly want Britain to model itself on the US-based Esta scheme, under which full visas are waived if visitors seek and are granted permission to enter in advance - and pay, the equivalent of about £11. 

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