IT workers 'the worst dressed'

Over 150 IT professionals have attended a Sydney conference to be told they represent "the worst dressed" industry in Australia.

Corporate stylist Melanie Moss condemned a medley of short-sleeved shirts, man-made fibres and wrong coloured socks, which she claimed has become synonymous with today's tech workers.

The damning verdict is not confined to Australia, Ms Moss hinted, because most IT professionals still think the casual Web culture of the 90s prevails, with its uniform of casual jeans and random T-Shirts.

"Because the majority of IT people are not in front of customers all the time, they tend to slack off," the style guru told delegates, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

"The internet is now such a massive industry but people haven't caught up in terms of their dress," said Moss, hostess of Corporate Chic.

Helpdesk-staff were the worst fashion offenders, followed closely by IT professionals working in technology start-ups, because like their corporate peers, she claimed their fashion sense remains stuck in the past.

Instead, when it comes to what to wear – IT professionals should see money as no object, take photographs of their outfits so they know what to wear in a hurry, and flick through magazines to decide what suits them the most, she said.

Follow the advice and Moss believes lax dressers can turn into sharp ones, meaning they won't be crowd following but rather, will be sending a clear message to clients about their personal and business standard.

"I think the way in which you present yourself is very important to building relationships and is integral to business and personal success," she said.

"This is not only about wearing suits; just a good quality shirt with a nice print and smart slacks is often enough as long as everything coordinates.

"[But] polyester doesn't wear well, and gets sweaty and smelly."

A spokesperson for Apple Computer admitted the industry had an image problem when it came to personal style, but pointed out the IT workers who received a dressing down would now realise the importance of self-presentation.

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