iPods crash NHS IT system

A hospital's IT system has been offline for two days after NHS staff overwhelmed it by downloading music for their iPods.

Computers at Kent's Queen Mother Hospital were used to store songs, films, games and photos before upload to the dominant audio player.

The download frenzy resulted in the hospital's main server crashing, bringing down the PCs which normally house digital x-rays and patient notes.

Staff were reportedly forced to process X-rays using film and resorted to hand-written back-up notes to obtain patient notes.

The downtime drew scorn from one patient who said it was a "disgrace" that "staff sit around downloading music" at the risk of endangering peoples' health.

The offending hospital was already struggling with a £35m hole in its finances, which forced a ward to close, before bosses yesterday admitted that the IT glitch has hiked costs even further.

A hospital spokesman told The Sun, "Staff have been told that from now on any music or other inappropriate files will be wiped."

The news comes as iPods were this week passed to two men who have been trapped one kilometre underground for the past eight days.

Psychologists said the two Tasmanian miners would have a better chance of keeping up morale if they listened to their favourite music.

Two models of Apple's flagship device were passed through a 12-metre long tube measuring 90mm in diameter, to provide the men with country melodies and songs by the Foo Fighters.

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