Arctic Systems verdict 'imminent'

The House of Lords will hand down their judgement in the landmark Arctic Systems case on Wednesday July 25th, contrary to mainstream press reports, but in line with predictions on CUK.

The Lords will finally clarify the application of s660A, by concluding whether the IT consultancy owes tax retrospectively under the Settlements Law (s660A), before they take their summer holidays.

Their verdict will bring to an end a four-year legal battle for the Joneses, owners of Arctic Systems, and bring certainty to thousands of firms that structure their tax arrangements in a similar way.

The Professional Contractors Group, which has supported the Joneses throughout their legal struggle, says the judgement will be delivered at 09.45, in front of a public gallery seated in the Lords main chamber.

Although the appeal from HM Revenue & Customs to the Lords to overturn an Appeal Court ruling finished a day early, they have waited until the last possible moment before their recess to issue the judgement.

Jul 20, 2007

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