SAP contractor jobs market looking good for 2008

SAP skills will continue to be in strong demand and the most sought-after of the IT Skills in 2008, according to Technojobs – the IT and Technical Recruitment website, whilst high pay growth will be biased towards SAP contractors.

With just 41 job-hunting days before 2008 – the forecast for the New Year is positive for those with SAP skills and looking for new opportunities, especially those considering contracting.

Key corporate and public sector strategic ERP projects will continue to receive investment so demand for SAP will remain robust, as will the need for those able to port such applications to users.

The skills shortage across the IT Market and number of SAP jobs advertised, offers opportunities for those considering new jobs. Of the overall IT market, SAP and Oracle are now amongst the most sought after skills, partly due to the expertise and complexity required in these roles.

Despite continued strong demand for SAP, however, average pay for all SAP skills in permanent roles has remained static in 2007. Conversely, SAP contractors have seen the highest growth in pay in 2007, of the entire spectrum of primary IT skills.

Highlights from the latest SAP salary information, shows the following (source:

• Average Salary for the last 3 months for SAP related jobs was: £56,830

• This has surprisingly remained static compared to the same period in 2006

• The SAP contractor average daily rate for the last three months was £466

• This is an increase of + 5.99% compared to the same period in 2006

• Some of the biggest pay increases for SAP job titles year on year was SAP Project Manager – up 11.95% to £75,654 and SAP Support up 11.84% to £47,072

• ABAP skills are also in demand – specialist ABAP roles including consultants and programmers showed an increase in advertised salaries of over 10%

Anthony Sherick, Head of Sales and Marketing for Technojobs said, "We have seen a constant and strong growth in SAP related jobs advertised on Technojobs and particularly SAP contractor jobs.

"Speaking to a number of key recruitment agencies, it remains that strong SAP skills and experience are amongst the most sought after in IT. The demand is fuelled by employers who will often counter offers to existing employees, which makes it harder to recruit.

"The candidates in an even stronger position are those that gain experience in different areas of SAP, which can often be done through contracting. Additionally it is worth considering evolving SAP experience with consulting skills and project manager skills, which will open more job opportunities and in parallel a higher salary in 2008."

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